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Introducing our dreamers, builders, supporters, and advocates — united by a shared vision to revolutionize youth soccer.
We are all former athletes, parents, sports fans
We believe access to game footage can give every team and athlete an equal opportunity to improve, showcase their talent, and get discovered!
Advisors, Advocates, Sponsors and Investors

Reeplayer is built from the ground up with the help of incredibly passionate heroes. They offer unique experiences to help us build a democratized future for youth sports.

Over 12,000 supporters in our community
We can reimagine sports together.
Become an advocate

Advocate for better accessibility to game footage and earn money.

Game footage is invaluable for athletes. Video gives athletes an opportunity to learn and build their presence to get seen. Join our advocates to promote Reeplayer and earn.

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Become a sponsor

Sponsor an under-funded girls youth soccer team’s camera.

Join us to advocate for better accessibility to game footage. In your name (or anonymously), we will equip a team with a Reeplayer camera and mobile app, and they too will be able to auto-record and share their best with the world.

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Become an investor

Invest in building the new athlete journey in the digital age.

Join us to help athletes build and control their brand, story, and destiny. Let's reimagine athlete discovery and engagement.

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