Our team also builds hardware for
🇺🇸  Proudly designed and built in the USA
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4K recording
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1080 HD output
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6hr battery
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Listen to the legends
Designed with the soccer community. Just the right features.
Unlimited recordings
Record for up to 2 teams.
Share easily
Share your best on social media, send mom a link, or email your highlights to a scout.
Create reels
Save clips in folders. Then export them as a reel or share them with a link.
Spaces for teams
Keep your teams' videos organized in Spaces.
Messages with context
Illustrate a point and never lose context. Drop comments inside of tagged events, aka Bookmarks.
Fan site for your fans
Publish games on your fan site and invite your friends and their good friends to watch your games.
Our most powerful feature
Bookmarks, aka
Tag, save or share any video.

We’re built different.From within.

Making video recording technology more accessible for everyone.

Discover a radically unique AI camera, mobile app, and all-inclusive pricing designed to help soccer teams record, interact, and share footage.

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Fair and simple agreement
Upgrade your plan when we upgrade our cameras.

Our mission is to help young athletes become their best and get discovered. When we need to upgrade our hardware, you too will have the opportunity to upgrade your device.

Fixed at $99/mo.
Window 1 and 2
Order Window 3
All-inclusive Plan
($99/mo)  $1,188/yr
AI Camera
($899)  Included
Powerful Mobile App
Public Fan Page
($20/mo)  Included
Tripod & Mount
(not included)  +$399
Due now
Reeplayer cameras are manufactured in the United States in batches. After reserving your camera, you will receive an email with your estimated delivery date with the option to complete your purchase.
AI Camera
Record up to 2 teams
Mobile app
Download footage
Share footage
Fan page
4K recording
1080P output
Live streaming
Coming 2023
Set it and leave it.
Easy peasy.
Set Reeplayer camera.
Place at the outside center field.
Hit record.
Start recording with just a tap.
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Common questions.
How much is Reeplayer?

We have a simple, all-inclusive plan. You get the Reeplayer camera, unlimited game recordings for up to 2 teams, unlimited users, a team page on the web to display your games, and the Reeplayer app for $99/mo, paid annually.

What’s the difference between Reeplayer and others?

Where do we start? We offer an all-inclusive plan that includes the Reeplayer camera, an app that allows you to bookmark events and share clips easily, a team page on the web to showcase your games to your fans, and a camera built in the United States that's heat and water-resistant. We’ve also built the Reeplayer camera from the ground up with custom cameras, giving us complete control over our firmware for future improvements. Watch this Why Reeplayer? video we made.

How do you auto-record soccer?

We use two 4K cameras to record a panoramic of the soccer field. Using artificial intelligence technology, we track the action in the game.

Why is Reeplayer a subscription?

We didn’t want to follow the “iPhone” model where we relied on releasing a new Reeplayer camera every year to keep the lights on. Instead, we build Reeplayer with longevity in mind and own the cameras. A subscription allows us to continue innovating and providing quality customer service, and our customers benefit from the ability to downgrade or upgrade easily as new features are released.

Who should get Reeplayer?

Our mission is to make game footage more accessible and help young athletes become their best and get discovered. Video is the asset athletes absolutely need to reach their dreams. Reeplayer is for anyone that wants to invest in their young athletes’ future.

Have a question?

We’d love to answer your questions. Click here to send us an email.

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