On a mission to get athletes discovered.

Athletes have a challenging journey ahead of them. The odds of getting seen and recruited are slim with antiquated tools and services. We are completely reimagining their journey.

On a mission to make footage accessible.

Since the first consumer camcorder in 1983 to the release of the iPhone in 2007, getting your hands on game footage has been cumbersome or expensive. In today’s world, a video is worth a thousand words and a picture isn’t enough. Access to footage means opportunity to get seen by scouts, brands, or your dearest — friends and family.

On a mission to build Reeplayer together.

We’re committed to building the Reeplayer ecosystem together with the soccer community. We’ve been speaking to athletes, parents, coaches, and clubs since day one. We want your needs heard and factored into our prioritization and development. Do you have thoughts or comments about existing products or want to talk about your needs? Click here to tell us.

The story of Reeplayer

Founder Orhan starts his youth soccer career at Galatasaray SK before moving to the United States.

His mission to become a pro-athlete falls short without the needed guidance, game footage, and networking opportunities.

He experiences the typical dilemma 98% of athletes face in the United States today without access to footage.
Late 2017
More than a decade later, Orhan meets a great athlete “needing game footage to send to college scouts.”

This sparks Orhan’s interest in the topic again and he starts on a journey to learn more about the issues facing young athletes.

Starting by creating a national survey, Orhan soon begins recording soccer games with DSLRs and drones to understand the extent of the problem and potential solutions.
Growth and visibility for athletes continue to suffer even as technology advances.

The primary challenge is that it’s too expensive to hire a professional videographer and too difficult for parents to consistently record every game.

Orhan spends the year reviewing other products and collaborating with the soccer community to build a solution that aligns with their needs.

The typical camera angle and $150-$400 to get a single game recorded by a videographer is not ideal for 2.5M teams in the US.

Orhan creates Reeplayer with the mission “to make game footage accessible and to help athletes become their best and get discovered.”

Reeplayer’s core team comes together to build the first version of auto-recording AI software for soccer and starts to build a community on Instagram.

Folks from the community get involved and help shape the brand and the user experience while the software is in development.

Reeplayer’s pricing and features are determined with the soccer community.

Around 2,000 people sign up within 30 days for 12 available spots to receive a beta version of the Reeplayer camera.

This encourages us to onboard 100 early adopters, who become the initial investors in the production of the early units.

Global shortages during covid delays manufacturing, which ultimately points us in the direction of new and stronger partnerships.

Our community on Instagram grows and engagement surges.
Our new partners enable Reeplayer to design and manufacture in the United States, a significant milestone.

We share our learnings and new timeline with our early adopters and set the beta launch to Q3 2022.

Our engineers continue to optimize the beta product and build our real-time processing software to live stream games.

We plan to fully launch Reeplayer in early 2023 with cameras capable of live streaming.
🚀 The official launch
Reeplayer officially launches its live-stream capable cameras and advanced mobile app features. This marks the beginning as we continue to develop and release the rest of the features our community helped us roadmap.