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Record, watch and share your best moments with the world.

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Based in Los Angeles.
United for one mission.

Our mission at Reeplayer is to help young athletes become their best and get discovered with video.

Video has always been a luxury, and now more than ever, it's a must-have asset for young athletes. It's been a decade since I played, and access to game footage still remains limited and unaffordable.

All athletes should have the tools to learn from their game, improve, and showcase their talent to get discovered. My goal is to put video in the hands of young athletes, something I didn't have growing up.

Since I started Reeplayer, advocates have become mentors, volunteers and team members, and the soccer community has shown remarkable support. Together we've been building a product true to our mission — crafting everything from features to pricing.

We look forward to how athletes utilize our technology.


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Common Questions

How much is Reeplayer?

We have a simple, all-inclusive plan. You get the Reeplayer camera, unlimited game recordings, unlimited users, a team page on the web to display your games, and the Reeplayer app for $99/mo, paid annually.

Can I actually lock in my price if I sign up now?

Yes! We’ve been building Reeplayer together with the soccer community, and we wanted to celebrate our launch by allowing early supporters to grandfather their pricing with a month off forever on the annual plan. That means you get the Reeplayer all-inclusive plan for only $1,089/yr ($90.75/mo). Sign up now as availability is limited.

What’s the difference between the monthly and annual plan?

The monthly plan is $120 — paid once a month. To sign up for the monthly plan, you’re required to pay for the first six months. The annual plan is $1,188 ($99/mo) — paid once a year.

What’s the difference between Reeplayer and others?

Where do we start? We offer an all-inclusive plan that includes the Reeplayer camera, an app that allows you to bookmark events and share clips easily, a team page on the web, and a camera that’s heat and water-resistant. We’ve also built the Reeplayer camera from the ground up with custom cameras, giving us complete control over our firmware for future improvements. Watch this Why Reeplayer? video we made.

How do you auto-record soccer?

We use two 4K cameras to record a panoramic of the soccer field. Using artificial intelligence technology, we track the action in the game.

Why is Reeplayer a subscription?

We didn’t want to follow the “iPhone” model where we relied on releasing a new Reeplayer camera every year to keep the lights on. Instead, we build Reeplayer with longevity in mind and own the cameras. A subscription allows us to continue innovating and providing quality customer service, and our customers benefit from the ability to downgrade or upgrade easily as new features are released.

Who should get Reeplayer?

Our mission is to help young athletes become their best and get discovered. Video is the asset needed to accomplish both. Reeplayer makes it possible for anyone to invest in young athletes’ future.

When is live streaming coming?

We plan on rolling out live streaming entirely differently, and we’re anticipating a release sometime next year. If you already have Reeplayer, you will have the option to upgrade easily and receive priority access before others.

Have a question?

We’d love to answer your questions. Click here to send us an email.

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