The team.

Introducing our dreamers, builders, supporters, and advocates — united by a shared vision to revolutionize youth soccer. We are all former athletes, parents, sports fans.

We believe access to game footage can give every team and athlete an equal opportunity to improve, showcase their talent, and get discovered!

Advisors, Advocates, Sponsors and Investors.

Reeplayer is built from the ground up with the help of incredibly passionate heroes. They offer unique experiences to help us build a democratized future for youth sports.

We're on a mission to get athletes discovered.

Athletes have a challenging journey ahead of them. The odds of getting seen and recruited are slim with antiquated tools and services. We are completely reimagining their journey.

We're on a mission to make footage accessible.

Since the first consumer camcorder in 1983 to the release of the iPhone in 2007, getting your hands on game footage has been cumbersome or expensive. In today’s world, a video is worth a thousand words and a picture isn’t enough. Access to footage means opportunity to get seen by scouts, brands, or your dearest — friends and family.

We're on a mission to build Reeplayer together.

We’re committed to building the Reeplayer ecosystem together with the soccer community. We’ve been speaking to athletes, parents, coaches, and clubs since day one. We want your needs heard and factored into our prioritization and development. Do you have thoughts or comments about existing products or want to talk about your needs? Click here to tell us.